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First of all, this is based on what I have seen throughout the years on deviantART- This is based on what I see nowadays compared to how everything was back in the days I joined deviantART, this, as well, is also a critic to what I see with new artists, and people that don't seem to understand how 'art' itself works as a process.

This as well is related to may people I've seen and met, and if you feel identified, please do not take this against you only- this is more of a generalized view.

Let us start with what was deviantART before! Remember when you could see on the front page-- The all time most popular art? There were amazing photos, there were incredible tutorials and drawings that blew your mind away, back in the days when the really popular piece "The Simpsonzu" was first on the page and shining bright and clear for everybody, back when the deviantART page didn't have such things as llamas, and everyone was talking about the mudkip April Fools joke.

Back then, one didn't go to the front page and see three or four pieces that are sexual, fan-service like or anything that would show as a 'denied' gray square for people with mature filter on, people back then used the mature filter when it was needed, and people back then used it properly. Now you just mostly see it used when there's nudity, and yes, it's proper but no one ever uses it for anything else unless it's extremely notorious (a chopped off limb, for example)-- Many people don't even use it for anything at all, in fear that no one will want to see the piece, in fear that those that have mature content filter on will just... Ignore it for being mature, people on deviantART nowadays don't seem to understand the importance of such thing.

Now you see every kind of strange thing on the popular/what's hot section, even memes- Those you find on 9GAG, those kinds of pictures that are googled, uploaded, and people like because they are "funny", let me tell you, they are not art.

There's another issue now that bothers me so much, everyone is caring only for popularity rather than being better with art, everyone is doing everything to be popular, they promo themselves on twitter, tumblr, everywhere, and they don't even know a thing about basic anatomy, coloring, or composition, their pieces look lazy and (honestly, saying something like this makes me feel quite mean, however, its true) plain out bad. Many artists just offer requests to be popular. Some get popular by just throwing llamas everywhere? I've seen people become senior members just because they send goddamned llamas (they have absolutely NOTHING in their gallery, other than a single meme-- a MEME) it's very sad, it makes people that put a lot of effort to be better every day look bad- they get ignored.

Then there's the inverse, I've seen many people that have no popularity at all, their art isn't TERRIBLE, however, they still don't try, they talk as if they were extremely popular, they offer commissions, they say "I might do this- I might do that" without realizing they have at most 10 watchers. A little tip from someone that went through a similar step: Don't do your art based on your popularity, don't act as if your popularity was what mattered, don't work on your art because someone else will see it, yes I know it's satisfying when somebody views and comments on your art, but it's extremely frustrating when you EXPECT everyone to look at it and then get nothing. In other words, expect nothing for pleasant surprises and no disappointment.

People that make a daily journal with things like "I'm bored!" or "Talk to me" -- Things irrelevant to art, have always been on deviantART and that's something that will probably remain to be here and annoy everyone else.

DeviantART, however- as a page is devolving, the webpage is slowly turning into a social network rather than an art gallery, I personally think that's... Not good, not a single bit, however, we cannot stop it, can we?

What upsets me the most, however, is how many of the facts mentioned earlier affect artists that just work to showcase their world, those artists that try to be better every day and show their passion and love for art, I am sick and tired of seeing artists with great potential- or some artists with AMAZING art- be ignored because deviantART is seen as a laughable place by many other communities.
Also, don't be a LOL RANDOM XDDD person, everybody hates that.

Take note, learn, grow as a person.
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Casually survivin' life or somethin'.

I'm Shaun, but you can call me Kindynos or Sin!
Idk why I had "i'm kinda random" here but really that shows how dumb I am
I tend to draw strange things and create characters every 5 seconds, bear with me.
I like to draw my OCs a lot, and I love questions about them, fanart of my ocs is also extremely cool...
I do fanart too but not as much.

I rarely take requests, art trades or collabs

I am bilingual, spanish and english, so go ahead and talk in any of these to me..

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